Shidao Science & Technology Park is located at the intersection of Longtan Road and Luting Road with an overall office research and development area of ​​about 20,000 square meters, including 1 three-story building and two steel structure office buildings, a large independent office on a floor and 80 incubator offices on a five story building.The high green area and low floor area ratio of the entire park create a good office environment, which is designed for film and television culture, high-tech research and development, biomedicine and other related industries.

Regional location

Shidao Science and Technology Park is located in the core area of ​​Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, close to Wenyi West Road and West Fashion Economic Circle. There are dense business office buildings and mature regional administrative offices within 3 kilometers of the surrounding area, which has significant regional advantages.Entering the garden along the east gate of Luting Road, the huge lawn is greeted with a wide view.There are many high-rise buildings around the park, and the transportation is convenient. The construction of the West Railway Station and the subway line are within easy reach.On the north side of the park, a pool of clear water flows slowly, opposite to the riverside of Shangcheng, a commercial complex. The bamboo forests and winding paths in the park are available for wandering and rest, creating a good working atmosphere for the office crowd in the park.

Park service

Hardware facilities

There are ground parking spaces in the park.The park is divided into R&D office area, exhibition area, business supporting area and park service area.In addition, the supporting infrastructure such as restaurants, convenience stores, bakeries, gyms, and swimming pools is complete, which not only meets the daily needs of the office population in the park, but also provides more complete and convenient services for the enterprises in the park.

Industry Orientation

The park focuses on investment in leading industries such as film and television culture, high-tech research and development, and biomedicine, and focuses on a series of complete industrial ecological chains of related industry research and development, production and office.

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