• Purchase and construction of industrial land
    Purchase and construction of industrial land

    The company closely follows the national strategy, focuses on national-level city clusters, combines industry development trends, conducts site selection research and analysis according to the overall regional planning, and purchases industrial land.Through economic analysis, industrial research, market analysis, transportation hub and development potential analysis, it measures GDP, net inflow of permanent population, and whether it has the conditions for rapid start-up, overall land evaluation and asset holdings, and construction of park buildings and supporting industrial areas.

  • Overall lease of idle buildings
    Overall lease of idle buildings

    Zhengtao rents and manages the stock or idle buildings as a whole, reshapes the industrial structure, revitalizes the use of waste business, reorganizes the system industry positioning plan and determines the functional layout according to different themes of the park, unified planning the park image, overall brand promotion and market promotion, and promotes the overall promotion and output value optimization of the leisure building industry

  • Operation trusteeship of finished buildings
    Operation trusteeship of finished buildings

    According to the industrial characteristics and local development plan of the area where the park is located, assist in the formulation of the park's mid- and long-term strategy and industrial planning, and provide consulting services for designated personnel.Assist the park to develop national, provincial, and municipal multi-level certification of industrial parks, bases, incubators, and maker spaces, and undertake design, planning, specification and pre-assessment work, and provide standard solutions. Park brand naming, company management team, investment and operation and property team output, service process outsourcing.Relying on the company-level platform service system, online and offline management services.

  • Enterprise selection and investment mechanism
    Enterprise selection and investment mechanism

    On the basis of the existing policies supporting the acceleration of enterprise financing, Zhengtao Technology Co., Ltd., credit evaluation institutions, banks and other institutions have established low-cost and high-efficiency guaranteed loan channels. At the same time, small loan companies and well-known venture capital private placement are introduced to jointly launch financial service products that meet the needs of enterprises.In the "landlord + shareholder" approach, it forms a trend of co-investment and lead investment with investment and financing institutions, so that the service enterprises can develop and grow in various parks, so as to achieve the purpose of resource flow and integration.

  • Makerspace

    Zhengtao Changxiang Space OPEN WORK and Kunshan Carrot Creative Space were founded by Zhejiang Zhengtao Technology Co., Ltd. on the bank of the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou under the national slogan of "Widespread Entrepreneurship and Innovation".Taking the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle as a starting point for development, the company has gradually expanded to the Pearl River Delta and even the Western Delta of China. Makerspace specializes in serving startup individuals and group entrepreneurs in related fields such as the Internet, big health,intelligent R & D.Its proposition is to provide start-ups with a comfortable, convenient, free and relaxing office environment that facilitates creation and innovation.At the same time, there are also a space for resource sharing, policy application, and all-round service.The "E Service Center" section allows enterprises in the park to enjoy the convenience brought by the private "citizen's home" in a one-stop manner.